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Hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

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produced by Mark Schaffer Studios

Narrated Audio-Video Book

We are lucky to live in a world that is full of some amazing technology. This year The Eve to Believe was narrated by Mark Schaeffer, the Author and Illustrator. The narrated story was set to some really cool, heartwarming, inspirational background music. Then the audio was merged together with the images of beautiful, brightly-colored illustrations from the book. The Eve to Believe is now available in this new technology. If your kids can’t quite read yet and you just don’t have the time to read it to them, just plug them in and they can enjoy the full story as told by Mark Schaeffer.

The NEW Narrated Audio-Video Book can be purchased and downloaded one of your devices. The size options available for smaller devices (like iPods or smart phones), for medium-size devices (iPads, tablets and laptops), all the way up to the HD version for large desktop monitors and Apple TV.

It is available as a rental (like video on demand) on The Eve to Believe channel at But before you buy or rent it, take a look at the NEW format here in the FREE Preview. Below is a schedule of the rest of the chapters. Enjoy and please tell your friends.

Free Preview Schedule

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Chapter 1: The North Pole is Heating Up Nov. 20-25 Dec. 6-8 Dec. 16-19
Chapter 2: Meet the Helpers Nov. 20-25 Dec. 6-8 Dec. 16-19
Chapter 3: The Helpers' Little Helpers Nov. 26-30 Dec. 9-11 Dec. 20-23
Chapter 4: The Bishop Hollow Brickels Nov. 26-30 Dec. 9-11 Dec. 20-23
Chapter 5: The Big Night Dec. 1-5 Dec. 12-15 Dec. 24-27
Chapter 6: Old Friends, and New Ones Dec. 1-5 Dec. 12-15 Dec. 24-27