Help our Elves find some help. Beleive in us!

The Eve to Believe is a children's book which was illustrated, written, designed, and self-published by Mark Schaeffer, with some assistance from his little helpers. It has wonderful, brightly-colored illustrations and a heart-warming story to go with it, which appeals to kids of all ages—even grown-ups. We need a little more help to make
The Eve to Believe everything it can be. If you are interested, contact us.

produced by Mark Schaffer Studios

Wanted: A Book Publisher

We are seeking a publisher to get this delightful story out to the world. The book has 42 colorful illustrations created by Mark Schaeffer. Printed copies of the book are currently available on, but we are seeking a publishing partner who will put us in a better economic position with the production and manufacturing of this book.

Toy train

The Eve to Believe needs a publisher to make it available in the world's top print and eBook retail channels.We are seeking print distribution to sell this book through the likes of,, and other wide-reaching online retailers so customers can find our book in the convenient locations where they already shop.

From there, eBook distribution to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble's NOOK Bookstore, so we can reach readers even faster on their favorite personal electronic devices.

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A Vision Ahead

We need to get the word out that The Eve to Believe is available. If you are a Book Publicist or are in Public Relations and would like to help us in marketing and promoting our book, a person with experience in this field would be a great help to us. Take a look at our book and contact us.

It is not hard to imaging these colorful characters and this heart-warming story coming to life someday in the form of an animated, holiday, TV special. To see Santa, the elves, reindeer, and
The Brickels walking and talking would be really amazing. Once we work out the initial launch of the book to the market, and after it is successful in print and eBook, we feel that it is a natural progression to seek an animation studio which may be interested in producing this new Christmas story.

While we are working on getting this book out to the world, the Illustrator and Writer of The Eve to Believe,
Mark Schaeffer, is currently working on the next series of stories featuring The Brickels. He is writing and illustrating about adventures which take place in Bishop Hollow, and life in the summertime around Springton Lake. The list of characters have been expanded to include friends of The Brickels as well as some interesting and funny adventures with colleagues of Newman and Nealie—a gang called Bishop Hollow Hounds.