Introducing the Brickels.

The Eve to Believe begins at the North Pole and then Santa descends upon the small, old town of Bishop Hollow, the hometown of Peter and Jayson Brickel, their parents, their dog, Nealie, lovable grandparents, Mama and Papa Brickel, along with Papa's big, old hound dog, Newman, and all of Mama's cats.

Tom & Barbara Brickelproduced by Mark Schaffer Studios

Tom & Barbara Brickel

This is Peter and Jayson's father and mother. Mr. Brickel is an Architect who works in Bishop Hollow for a builder. Mrs. Brickel is an artist. She paints historical buildings as they may have looked back in their day—some are over 200 years old. Well this year, Peter and Jayson's parents, could not be home for Christmas. So Peter, Jayson and Nealie spend Christmas with Mama, Papa, Newman
and all those cats.

Mama & Papa Brickel

Mama & Papa Brickel

Here is Mama with all her 'kitties.' Well actually, not all of them. These are the ones that live at her house. She has a whole other set that hang out at her Bakery in the town of Bishop Hollow. You see, Mama loves to bake and she makes some of the best cookies in the county. Oh, and there is Papa, retelling stories of the days he flew in the war. He goes on for hours sometimes, telling Peter about, well, just about anything. Besides telling very detailed stories, Papa loves to carve and whittle. He also fishes in Springton Lake with his old hound dog Newman sleeping by his side.

Peter & Jayson

Peter &

Here is Peter, to the left, who is a very curious ten-year-old boy and is fascinated by Papa's stories. Papa can go on for hours, which is fine with Peter. See Jayson up there to the right? He is Peter's eight-year-old brother. That slingshot hanging out his back pocket tells it all. Jayson lives to agitate—his brother, Mama's cats, whatever he can. He does have a soft side though. He likes to snuggle with his mom on the sofa.

Newman & Nealie

The big, blue hound dog is Newman and the small, light brown terrier is Nealie. Newman spends most of his time sleeping. One of his favorite things to do is ride around town in Papa's old, rusted-out, pick-up truck, and sleeping next to Papa when they go fishing. Nealie and Newman have been thinking about Christmas and Santa. Newman wants a big bone and Nealie wants a new ball.