Vist the North Pole.

The Eve to Believe begins at the North Pole, where Santa and the elves are faced with a steadily increasing workload. The elves secretly devise a plan and implement a new procedure to handle the growing wish list. The only problem is that they know Santa will not approve of their new strategy. So for the time being, the elves decide not to tell Santa about it until they can prove that the new system is worthy of keeping.

yellow rule
produced by Mark Schaffer Studios
Walter the Elf

Ornaments & Decorations Department

This is Walter. He is in charge of designing and figuring out how to make all those ornaments. You can't miss him in the workshop, he's got bright red hair and he smokes a pipe, which he claims helps him relax so he can find his creativeness.

Alaxander  the Elf

Toys Department

Meet Alexander. He is in charge of making all kinds of toys. He gets help from his little brother, Marcus. These two make everthing from bikes, trains, cars, toy chests, and all kinds of sports equipment. Santa is very proud of the important work they do.

Fluffy Animals
& Dolls Department

Karl the Elf

And here is Karl. He is a master with the needle and thread. His mother helped him start sewing at a very young age. He makes the most amazing stuffed animals and dolls. Karl also loves to care for the reindeer in the stables.

Checking Santa's Gift List

Though Santa has always been excellent at catching things and fixing any problems that may have been missed along the way, this year the workload is too much for him to remember everything. The elves have implemented a new system which is working perfectly, and Santa doesn't even know about the changes.

Santa and the Elves