The Eve to Believe.

You have entered the magical site of For now, The Eve to Believe is a children's book (it can be so much more). For those of you who are not children, but believe in Santa Claus, Elves, the North Pole, flying Reindeer, and who love the wonderful feeling you get giving (and receiving) presents, this book is precisely for you.

produced by Mark Schaffer Studios

About: The Eve to Believe

This brand new tale features an old friend—Santa Claus. The story begins at the North Pole where Santa and the elves are working feverishly to get ready for another Christmas. We see right into Santa's workshop, meet the elves and see how hard the talented crew works to get ready for the big night. The workload has grown so much, the elves had to figure out and implement a new strategy just to complete the work. Santa doesn't know about this and the elves know he will NOT approve of this new system.

Rocking Horse Christmas Eve, we follow Santa on his journey as he descends upon one small, old town of Bishop Hollow—the hometown of the Brickels. We meet and get to know the Brickels as well as spend Christmas with all of them—well, almost all of them. There are two brothers named Peter and Jayson and they have a little dog Nealie. Their mom and dad cannot spend Christmas with them, so the boys spend Christmas with their lovable grandparents—Mama and Papa Brickel, along with Papa's hound dog, Newman, and all of Mama's cats.

How did the elves' newest little helpers make a big difference on this magical night?

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Illustrator & Author: Mark Schaeffer

MARK SCHAEFFER is an illustrator, designer and the creator of this story, as well as the characters. He was trained at the Philadelphia College of Art as an illustrator and a painter. Mark has worked for many years in publishing and advertising and has always kept his hand in illustration.

As early as I can remember, my parents loved to make Christmas a magical and exciting time for my sister, my brother and me. I can remember being up all night long, wondering what we were getting and then waiting until it was late enough, 7 a.m., to wake Mom and Dad up in the morning so we could go downstairs and open gifts left by Santa.

This book was inspired by the Christmas holiday spirit and the magic of Santa. I have tried to pass the magic of Santa and Christmas on to my kids and I hope it was and will always be a special time for them. There is a little bit of family and friends I know and have known in each of my characters. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did creating it. May the magic of the season sparkle in your corner of the world. — Merry Christmas.